Create Your Flavor Contest

Create Your Flavor Contest

shinefmWe at Keyes Creamery are working with 95.1 SHINE-FM to create a new flavor for our store. And what better way to create a flavor then by making a contest where you get to create that flavor!

The contest runs from June 13th through June 25th.

The winner will be selected the week of June 27th and will be announced on Our Facebook page and Website.

Below are drop down boxes that you can use to create the perfect flavor. Choose from Black Raspberry Puree to French Custard Puree and add in Pecans… or Oreos… or Peanut Butter… or add in everything! Be as creative as you like and think of an amazing name to go along with it. Ask the kids to participate too! The winner will receive their very own batch of the ice cream and the 2016 bragging rights of the Best Ice Cream Flavor Creator! Let’s Get Started!

These flavors get mixed into the ice cream and basically make the entire base taste like what the puree/base/flavoring is.
Inclusions are additional items that are added into the ice cream for further flavor.
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